New bill aims to limit the hiring of foreign workers in South Africa
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The IFP's Liezl Van der Merwe has announced plans to introduce a private member's bill to parliament which will introduce further regulations around the hiring of foreign workers in South Africa.
The Employment Services Amendment Bill aims to address the high representation of foreign nationals employed in lower occupation levels, said Van der Merwe. She said that the number of foreign workers – particularly in the unskilled sector – is a critical concern.

"There should be deliberate attempts by the State to control the increasing preference by certain sectors in the workforce to employ foreign nationals over South African citizens, without justification on the basis of skills.

"Therefore, it is imperative to regulate the employment of foreign nationals in South Africa, in order to stem the narrative that the ratio of job opportunities between foreign nationals and South African citizens are skewed towards foreign nationals."

Van der Merwe said that the draft bill aims to amend the current Employment Services Act, with the intention to regulate the recruitment of foreign nationals in certain economic sectors and to strengthen the current regulatory framework regarding the recruitment of foreign nationals in South Africa.

"The draft bill requires that when recruiting potential employees, an employer must confirm that there are no suitable South African citizens that can be employed in that position, prior to recruiting a foreign national," she said.

"The bill further proposes that the…
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