New Generation Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Rumored For 2022
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The smaller brother of the Land Cruiser 300 Series will retain the body-on-frame architecture and is expected to feature evolutionary styling.
Revealed last June, the Land Cruiser 300 Series replaced the 200 Series after 14 years. But what is happening with the slightly smaller Land Cruiser Prado? Despite many updates, the current 150 Series model is already 12 years old, so a clean-sheet design might be in order.

The fourth-generation Land Cruiser Prado 150 Series originally introduced in 2009 has received numerous updates in its 12-year-long lifecycle with major facelifts in 2013 and 2017. The latest refresh including powertrain and equipment upgrades was unveiled in 2020, while the 70th anniversary special edition was launched in 2021.

Given that the 150 Series and the 200 Series premiered with a two-year difference, it makes sense to expect the 250 Series to be unveiled by 2023, two years after the 300 Series. Best Car Web expects a release in summer 2023 but there are also rumors about an earlier unveil in summer 2022 according to Creative Trend.

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In any case, the all-new Prado will certainly retain the signature body-on-frame architecture. The exterior will feature evolutionary styling borrowing elements from the 300 Series with very similar dimensions to the current generation. Inside we expect a three-row,…
Thanos Pappas
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