New Mission: NASA Awards SpaceX to Carry Out Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe Mission
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Without much competition, SpaceX easily took home another NASA mission aimed to help them understand outer space even more.
NASA has recently announced that it will finally be selecting none other than SpaceX to carry out their upcoming mission! On the NASA official website, they have officially noted that they have already selected the Space Exploration Technologies or SpaceX based in Hawthorne, California to be the company to provide NASA with the launch services for the agency's very own Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe or IMAP mission.

The mission which SpaceX has been awarded with includes a series of four secondary payloads. IMAP is a mission that will be able to help researchers understand the whole boundary of the heliosphere much better, a particular magnetic barrier that surrounds our own solar system.

This region is actually where the constant flow of different particles from the Sun, known as the solar wind, collides with the whole winds coming from other stars. This particular collision limits the total amount of harmful cosmic radiation that enters the heliosphere.

The upcoming IMAP mission

The IMAP will actually collect and also map out the neutral particles that actually…
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