'Please Call Me' inventor Nkosana Makate wants court to determine compensation, not Vodacom

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Nkosana Makate's legal team says if the matter of his compensation is indeed remitted to Vodacom CEO Shameel Joosub, the court needs to provide clear guidelines so the CEO does not abuse his powers.
Nkosana Makate and Vodacom have entered another round in the 20-year 'Please Call Me' saga.

After a Constitutional Court ruling in 2016, Makate was offered R47 million as compensation for his idea.

Back in court over three days, Makate's legal team is seeking a legal remedy only allowed in exceptional circumstances.

The inventor of Vodacom's "Please Call Me" offering, Nkosana Makate, is back in court this week for a review hearing of the R47 million in compensation for coming up with the concept. The amount offered was calculated by Vodacom CEO Shameel Joosub. Makate is not satisfied and is demanding billions from the cellular giant.

The Gauteng High Court in Pretoria will hear from both sides over three days, hopefully reaching a conclusion to the 20-year-old saga.

On day one, Makate's legal team presented possible remedies to the presiding judge, Judge Wendy Hughes.

Gilbert Marcus, SC, representing Makate, said they had arrived at the conclusion that substitution would be an acceptable remedy.

Marcus told Fin24 that this would mean the court would ultimately be the decision maker when it came to determining the compensation amount, and not Joosub.

"So instead of sending the matter back to the CEO for a new determination, we are asking that the court make the determination," Marcus explained.

Exceptional circumstances

A substitution order is typically…
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