Samsung OLED TV hybrids are in the works, says report
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A new report says prototypes are in progress
Samsung's long-rumored QD-OLED TVs appear to be moving towards production, if a new report from The Elec is anything to go by.

The online publication reports that Samsung Display is now entering the prototype stage for its QD-OLED hybrids, which blend the company's quantum dot filter technology – used to boost color and contrast in its QLED range – with the kind of organic LED panels used in today's OLED televisions.

Samsung QLED has been a competitor to OLED for some time, even if the former is technically still based on traditional LCD technology. A hybrid television that combines the best of both worlds could make use of OLED's advantages while using QLED tech to improve on its disadvantages, particularly where it pertains to panel brightness.

According to The Elec, prototype models of QD-OLED televisions and monitors are entering production at Samsung Display, with mass production kicking off in late 2021 if manufacturers approve of the supplier's prototypes. Unsurprisingly, Samsung Electronics appears to be the primary manufacturer being targeted with the technology, but the report…
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