South Africa has just taken a big step to end load shedding: Ramaphosa
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South Africa to tender 12,000 MW of new independent electricity sources – including wind, solar and gas
Following commitments made in the State of the Nation Address in February, the government has now gazetted ministerial determinations that will enable the development of more than 11,800 megawatts (MW) of additional power generation.

"To give a sense of the scale of this development, South Africa currently has in the region of over 30,000 MW of electricity available on the national grid each day," president Cyril Ramaphosa said in a statement on Monday.

This signals government's clear intention to move ahead with one of the key reforms that is needed to unlock the growth of the economy and attract much-needed investment, he said.

"This new energy will be procured from diverse sources, including solar, wind, gas, coal and storage. While meeting our energy needs well into the future, this new capacity will also help us meet our international obligations to reduce carbon emissions.

"This electricity will be procured through a transparent tendering process that prioritises competitiveness and cost-effectiveness," Ramaphosa said,

Most importantly at a time when energy supply is severely constrained, new generation projects that can be connected to the grid as soon as possible will be prioritised, he said.

"The next step, which will be following soon, is to initiate various procurement bidding windows including opening Bid Window 5 of the renewable energy independent power producer programme.

"This is in…
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