The US will soon join UK policy of banning carrier-locked phones
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The United Kingdom will soon ban carrier-locked phones, and according to a new report, the United States may follow suit in the next year.
For years, network carriers have been selling carrier-locked devices under special conditions. However, the user could never unlock the phone and use it in another carrier. The United Kingdom recently announced a major change in these policies. Starting by the end of 2021, the sale of carrier-locked phones is banned. Now, a new report indicated that the United States will soon follow this change. However, it may not be so easy, after so many years under these policies.

In the United Kingdom, the order banning the sale of carrier-locked phones comes straight from The Office of Communications a.k.a Ofcom. In the United States, FCC stands as an equivalent to Ofcom, however, there is no ban on its agenda. According to a recently published article from Wired, it can still happen.

According to the report, an enforced ban from the current administration of the FCC,…
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