This Black Friday deal could kick-start a global career and earnings of up to R560 per hour
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South Africa's unemployment rate remains stubbornly high and is rising amid political and economic decline with the country at risk of becoming a lower-middle-income nation, according to a model developed by Eunomix Business & Economics.
Tom Gibbons, director at The TEFL Academy, a provider of TEFL courses and qualifications, said that teaching English is a savvy way to earn an income while travelling and living abroad.

Despite travel restrictions brought on by the Covid pandemic, locals can still travel to in excess of 50 destinations, including Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica and Ukraine – provided they can prove they have been fully vaccinated. Once there, certified English teachers stand to earn a competitive salary of between R190 and R560 per hour, depending on experience, said Gibbons.

The TEFL Academy is offering South Africans a passport to international travel, at a large discount. "On…
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