Watch: Hoedspruit residents finds pride of lions on his doorstep
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It's not every day you go to your porch and find it has been taken over by a pride of lions. But this Hoedspruit resident was treated to a 'home safari'.
"Knock knock, who's there?" – a majestic pride of lions, that's who. A Hoedspruit-based businessman has uploaded an early contender for viral video of the year, after arriving at his father's house and finding some uninvited visitors outside.

Pride of lions invite themselves round to Hoedspruit house

The lazing lions can be seen sleeping, grooming, and patrolling on the porch. The only thing separating them from the human inside the house is a glass door. Thankfully, once the lions clock that they've got company, they decide to keep themselves to themselves – with a few playful frolics thrown in for good measure.

Tom Head
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