WATCH This Freaky Contortionist TERRIFY The Living Daylight Out Of 'BGT' Judges
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Britain's Got Talent | "BGT" contortionist Papi Flex scared the judges so much they had to look away from his freaky performance.
Contortionist Papi Flex recently terrified the BGT judges with his freaky routine. Some of his moves were so disturbing that they actually had to look away. Papi's makeup and silent persona made things even creepier.

Papi is from Belgium and previously made it to the semifinals on Spain's Got Talent. He's now trying his luck on Season 14 of Britain's Got Talent. Check out Papi's audition in the video below.

"BGT" contortionist Papi Flex scared the judges with his freaky moves.

'BGT' Contortionist Papi Flex Scares The Judges

Papi didn't introduce himself to the judges before his audition. Instead, he popped out of a box on stage and proceeded to show off some seriously freaky contortion moves. His face and torso were painted to look like a skeleton, adding to…
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