What You Should Know About That New Report Saying Wearing a Mask Might Create Immunity From COVID-19

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While the world anxiously awaits the development of a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine, you're hopefully already following the CDC's...
recommendation to wear a face mask in order to prevent the spread of respiratory droplets to others. But in one recent commentary published in the New England Journal of Medicine, scientists are theorizing that wearing a mask could also provide the wearer with some form of virus immunity by allowing exposure to just enough of the virus to trigger a protective response. So what does that mean? Nothing right now. The findings are inconclusive and you should absolutely still follow the recommended prevention strategies currently in place, including social distancing, avoiding crowds, thorough handwashing, and mask wearing while we await a vaccine (and most likely even after one has been developed).

The report, recently covered in a New York Times article, highlights a form of…
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