World Health Day: India2019s leading nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar shares EFFECTIVE tips for a healthy lifestyle
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The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted various aspects of our lives taking a toll on physical health and mental well-being for many. April 7th, celebrated as World Health Day, is a good time to get back on the health bandwagon.
To help you with this, India's leading nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has some powerful tips for you. In her audiobook, "Secrets of Good Health with Rujuta Diwekar'', she guides her listeners to follow a path of sustainable and healthy living with simple advice delivered in conversational Hinglish.

Kickstart your day with fruit and soaked dry fruits

To stay energised throughout the day, it is important to start your day right. Rujuta recommends that you begin your day with either a fruit or soaked almonds or soaked raisin with 2 saffron strands for improved health in the long run!

Never set a weight loss goal

She stresses that one of the most useless things in life is to set a weight loss goal. Instead one should aim to reduce stress, ignorance and lack of education about health and fitness. Rujuta says bodyweight is not an indicator of fatness or fitness, it only shows what's the relationship between Earth's gravitational force with your body mass! So if we want to be healthy and beautiful it's necessary to understand that good health has…
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