You need to be Elon cool and Buffet savvy to grow your wealth
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Elon Musk has democratised the stock market but to seriously grow your wealth you need both Elon's cool and Warren Buffet's old-school savvy.
You need to be Elon cool and Buffet savvy to grow your wealth

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By Nigel Green The warning comes as the surge in day-trading frenzies, triggered by so-called 'activist investors' on social media platforms and online forums like Reddit urging others to invest their cash into unloved stocks, appears to be fizzling out. Many of these so-called 'meme stocks' jumped exorbitantly on the back of these small-scale investments. However, platforms that facilitated this are reporting a flatlining of the 'movement.' The first quarter of 2021 was a crazy ride in stock markets, and this was driven by online investment communities who adore the likes of the billionaire electric vehicle and space travel entrepreneur Elon Musk, amongst others.

He's successfully pitched himself as being both a future first, counterculture activist and part of the establishment. Small-scale day-traders can't get enough of it and hang off his every word.

In many…
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