Announcing the Launch of a New American PPE Manufacturing Company in Jackson, Ohio | 30.10.20 |
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The Ohio facility will look long-term to address American shortages of critical PPE, especially in the consumer and small business market, and wil...
l bring back American manufacturing jobs.

JACKSON, Ohio, Oct. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ - Phoenix Quality Manufacturing, LLC ("PQM"), announced the opening of its U.S. based manufacturing facility in Jackson, Ohio.

The Company has completed construction on its facility in Southeast Ohio with its first product line, Civilian grade PQM FreedomAir face masks, ready for public purchase. Already taking orders, PQM at its core is committed to bringing manufacturing jobs back to America while decreasing the reliance on foreign-made supplies.

According to PQM CEO, Sid Fingerhut, "Mask inventories have evaporated or are being restricted by unfair trade practices and unprecedented global demand. Companies are relying on a handful of large companies to support the masses, but their efforts are just not enough. With local Ohio production, we can be part of the solution to help reduce price gouging and the reliance on the fraudulent product associated with importation from foreign…
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