Chris Hemsworth helps reintroduce Tasmanian Devils to Australia for first time in 3,000 years
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Marvel actor Chris Hemsworth helps release a group of Tasmanian devils back onto Australia's mainland.
Aussie Ark

Marvel actor Chris Hemsworth joined conservationists at Aussie Ark for a historic moment in his homeland of Australia, where they reintroduced the Tasmanian devil to the mainland for the first time in an estimated 3,000 years.

Leave it to Thor to help bring back Tasmanian devils to Australia.

Hemsworth and his wife and actress Elsa Pataky helped release a group of 11 Tasmanian devils into a 1,000-acre wildlife sanctuary at Barrington Tops National Park in New South Wales on Sept. 10, as part of a crucial effort to restore the endangered species to its former habitat.

"We laid some traps to catch the devils, and then we're releasing them out into the wild," Hemsworth said in a YouTube video posted on Monday.

Twenty-six Tasmanian devils will be released this year in total, with 20 more Tasmanian devils planned to be released into the sanctuary in 2021. Each animal being released has on a radio collar so scientists can check up on them and see how the devils are interacting with…
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