DWP chief Therese Coffey says coronavirus has a 'silver lining'

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The Work and Pensions Secretary said the Tory government can 'take advantage' of the flood of wage and business support to achieve the 'levelling up' they pledged in their manifesto
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Coronavirus has a "silver lining" that Tories can "take advantage" of to achieve their manifesto pledge, a Cabinet minister said today.

Therese Coffey predicted the pandemic would make it "more straightforward to level up across the country" because the government has had to step in and provide so much support.

Despite wage subsidies being drastically scaled back from October 31, and a looming recession, the Work and Pensions Secretary vowed to ensure "every part of the UK gets to benefit from our response".

Some 42,350 people so far in the UK have died within 28 days of testing positive for Covid-19.

Ms Coffey's comments are the latest glass-half-full assessment of the pandemic at the Tories' virtual conference.

Health minister Lord Bethell said yesterday: "I think it will be like the Olympics - when it's all over and we look back and reflect, we will actually be extremely proud of ourselves.."

And Boris Johnson said Covid had "illuminated all sorts of problems" to fix and "come the spring the opportunity will be massive."

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Ms Coffey suggested the…
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