Emily in Paris's hot chef Gabriel looked very different before filming Netflix show

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fairly easy
Netflix's new show, Emily in Paris, has attracted a lot of criticism for it's cheesiness and clichés, but her love interest Gabriel, played by Lucas Bravo, has been winning over fans
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Love it or loathe it, Emily in Paris has become a massive hit.

The Netflix show, which sees an American marketing executive move to the French capital for a new job, contains pretty much every mildly offence cliché you can imagine.

The beautiful Emily Cooper, played by Lily Collins, turns the head of almost every man she meets as she settles into her glamorous new life, and is inundated with offers from handsome French guys.

But the one she finds herself failing for isn't available, and is actually dating one her new Paris pals - awkward.

We won't go into the details as we don't want to spoil it for anyone who has somehow managed to resist binge watching all 10 episodes, but it's easy to see why Emily is rather taken by her hot chef…
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