Kramer Hickok on experimenting with a 48-inch driver: 'It's like swinging a sledgehammer'
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Kramer Hickok discusses why he is experimenting with using a 48-inch driver in competition in order to gain additional distance.
Bryson DeChambeau isn't the only PGA Tour player considering using a 48-inch driver.

Kramer Hickok, who will enter the final round of the Bermuda Championship trailing leader Doc Redman by one stroke, experimented with the maximum legal limit for club length recently and noted he gained 8 miles per hour in ball speed, though he elected not to use the driver in competition this week.

"I think there's a big speed surge right now and certainly Bryson is instrumental in I think having all these guys go after speed now," Hickok said. "I think just the advantage of length is just so huge and astronomical that if you can get an extra 10 to 15 yards, sometimes you're taking out a bunker. Obviously, you've got to hit it straight."

DeChambeau, who manhandled Winged Foot at the U.S. Open in September, is working on adding a 48-inch driver to his bag in time for the Masters, which begins November 12. Hickock said his dispersion was minimal and that the…
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