Trump considers address to nation after POSITIVE coronavirus test
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President Donald Trump is considering an address to the nation on Friday after the shocking news he and first lady Melania Trump tested positive for the coronavirus.

President Donald Trump has 'minor' COVID-19 symptoms, has been lethargic and fell asleep on Air Force One on Wednesday night, sources say, but is considering an address to the nation on Friday in an effort to prove to the American people is still fit to lead the country despite being diagnosed with the virus and having to quarantine with First Lady Melania.

The pair tweeted at around 1am on Friday morning that they had both tested positive and were isolating in the White House. They were tested after White House aide Hope Hicks tested positive on Thursday morning, hours after traveling with Trump on Air Force Once back from a rally in Minnesota. A handful of aides knew about her diagnosis and kept it quiet for nearly 24 hours, sources say.

The diagnoses have rocked the White House and sent shockwaves through the global markets which were already shaky given the global pandemic and political uncertainty in the US ahead of November's election.

Trump is 74 years old and is medically obese, putting him at higher risk of serious complications from the virus.

Sources cited by The New York Times on Friday say he is experiencing mild symptoms. On Wednesday evening, he fell asleep on Air Force one on the way back from Minnesota, the source claimed, which is unusual for the president, who tends to tweet and talk with aides during flights.

Also, his rally in Minnesota that night was unusually short by Trump standards – about 45 minutes. His campaign events typically run at least twice that long, clocking in at 90 minutes or more. Other Trump aides told Bloomberg News that Trump was 'feeling poorly' on Wednesday but they thought it was because of his intense campaign schedule. The president seemed exhausted, one person said. It's unclear if Melania is suffering any symptoms.

Joe Biden, Trump's 77-year-old opponent who he debated on Tuesday night, is being tested on Friday morning. He wished Trump and Melania a speedy recovery in a tweet on Friday…
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