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Body governing the capital of France
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Conseil de Paris
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The Council of Paris (French: Conseil de Paris) is the deliberative body responsible for the governing of Paris, the capital of France. It possesses simultaneously the powers of a Paris Municipal Council (Conseil municipal) and those of a General Council (Departmental Council) for the Département de Paris, as defined by the so-called PLM Law (Loi PLM) of 1982 that redefined the governance of Paris, Lyon, and Marseilles. From 10 July 1964 until Lyon Metropolis attained the same status in January 2015, Paris was the only territorial collectivity in France to be, at one time, a commune and a département. The mayor of Paris presides over the Council of Paris and therefore holds in her hands the powers of mayor and of president of the departmental council. There are presently 163 councillors for Paris.
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