French Second Republic

Government of France between 1848-1852
February 24, 1848
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French Second Republic
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December 2, 1852
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The French Second Republic was a short-lived republican government of France under President Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte. It lasted from the 1848 Revolution to the 1851 coup by which the president made himself Emperor Napoleon III and initiated the Second Empire. It officially adopted the motto of the First Republic, Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité. The Second Republic witnessed the tension between the "Social and Democratic Republic" (French: la République démocratique et sociale) and a Radical form of republicanism, which exploded during the June Days uprising of 1848.
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Second French Republic
Second Republic (France)
French Republic (1848–1852)
French Republic (1848-1852)
French second republic
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